A company in the city of Amin has a problem with the multi-chamber, six boxes, and a number of machines and equipment.

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We are talking about a multi-chap, six-bundle, and machine tools and equipment, with the title of a commercial plant in Rekhdad. I made a chap, six-bundle, and machine-made in Iran. In the presence of a large crowd, the company, High Twanman, Interior and Exterior, has been making a chap, six-bundle, and moulder. There are machines and… maybe it won’t happen.

Take advantage of the opportunity of this company, which is an effective one in its possession, and whose products are in the exhibition area. They are specialized in making a decision and directing it to the global bazaar.

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موضوعات نمایشگاهی:

  • Chap
  • Plastic and polymeric conditions
  • Beautiful skin
  • As a nutritious and tonic
  • Chap necessities and banking materials
  • It’s a bundle
  • Sazy quiver
  • Notifications
  • This is my specialty
  • Machine tools
  • Carton Sazy
  • Label

This is the date of the 22nd to the 25th of Azermah 1402 in a permanent place in the city of Tehran in the past, with an official license issued by the Ministry of Manufacturing, Metallurgy and Commerce of Azermah 1402 in the past. Come on, see what’s going on.

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