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Liquid oil production steps

The production of liquid oil is one of the vital processes in various industries, which is widely used in the preparation of food, medicine, cosmetic and health industries, and other industries. This article will examine the stages of liquid oil production from raw materials to packaging.

Selection of raw materials

  • The production of any type of liquid oil begins with the careful selection of raw materials. Various sources such as seeds, fruits, plants or even animals may be used to extract oil. Choosing quality raw materials will have a direct impact on the final quality of the oil.

Oil extraction

  • To extract oil from raw materials, various methods such as pressing, essential oil extraction or solvent extraction may be used. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on the type of raw materials and the purpose of using the oil.

Refinement and refinement

  • After extraction, the oil needs to be refined to remove impurities and excess components. This step helps ensure the stability, health and quality of the oil.

Thermal processing

  • Some oils require heat treatment to improve certain characteristics such as color, smell, and taste, as well as increase their shelf life.
    Adding add-ons
    At this stage, additives such as vitamins, antioxidants or flavoring additives may be added to the oil to give it special properties.


  • The last step in liquid oil production is packaging. Correct and appropriate packaging plays an important role in maintaining the quality and safety of oil. Packaging materials must also be compatible with health and environmental standards.

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The importance of liquid oil packaging

Packaging plays a very important and vital role in the liquid oil industry and its importance is significant in many dimensions. Below we will mention some of the importance of liquid oil packaging:

Protection of quality and properties

  • Proper packaging protects the quality and properties of liquid oil. Protecting the oil from pollution, light, heat, and air helps maintain its original properties. For example, oils are sensitive to sunlight and may be affected by bright light and their quality may decrease.

Increased shelf life

  • Proper packaging helps the oil to last longer. By preventing the entry of air, moisture or foreign objects, packaging helps to increase the useful life of the oil and prevents premature oxidation and changes in its physical and chemical characteristics.

Maintaining safety and health

  • Packaging helps to maintain the safety and health of the final product. If proper and hygienic packaging is used, contamination and the possibility of microbes in liquid oil will be prevented, which is very important for the health of the consumer.

Facilitate transportation

  • Proper packaging helps to transport liquid oil more easily and safely. The correct size and strength of the packaging prevents oil leakage and prevents damage during transportation.

Consumer awareness

  • Packaging provides information to the consumer by providing information such as expiration date, nutritional information, and how to use. This awareness assures the consumer that he will receive a safe and quality product.

Promotion and marketing

  • Attractive and appropriate packaging can act as a tool for product promotion and marketing. The attractive and unique packaging design can attract the consumer’s attention and influence the purchase decision.
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Good liquid oil packaging features

Liquid oil packaging must be coordinated with certain characteristics and standards to maintain product quality and gain consumer confidence. Below are some of the features of good liquid oil packaging:

Strength and resistance

  • The packaging must be tight and leak-proof to prevent any unauthorized escape of the oil. Also, the packaging’s resistance to various pressures and transportation conditions is also important.

Protection against light

  • Oils are sensitive to light and may be affected by living light. Therefore, the packaging must be able to protect the oil from light to prevent premature oxidation and changes in color and flavor characteristics.

Suitable for the environment

  • Packaging should use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. This is an important feature for companies and consumers who care about environmental sustainability.

Expiry date and nutritional information

  • The packaging should contain complete information about the expiration date and nutritional information. This information helps the consumer to consume the product more correctly and confidently.

Ease of opening and closing

  • The packaging should be easy to open and close so that the use of liquid oil is easy and safe for the consumer.

Protection against oxidation

  • The packaging should use materials that prevent oxidation and prevent air from entering the packaging.

Package type

  • Choosing the type of packaging is also important. Packaging can include glass, metal, plastic or paper, and each has its own characteristics and advantages. The packaging should be selected according to the characteristics of the oil and the needs of the market.

Attention to standards

  • Packaging must comply with health and safety standards. This is of great importance, because it guarantees the health and safety of the consumer.
    Attractive design
    Packaging design can also have a great impact on the attractiveness of the product. Packaging with an attractive and different design can help promote the product and attract the attention of the consumer.

Cloud technology in the service of quality

Jahan Chalik is a famous global brand in the field of production and packaging of liquid oil products. Focusing on high quality, advanced technology and commitment to using organic and authentic raw materials, this brand has been able to strengthen its position in the global market, especially in the field of vegetable and animal liquid oils.

By using international health standards, its own production process, and a variety of quality control tests, Jahan Chalik has won the trust of customers and shines as a symbol of quality and strength. Through continuous research and development, Jahan Chalik brand has the most up-to-date technologies. In the field of liquid oil production and packaging, it has achieved and launched products that are all in the top global category in terms of quality, performance and packaging strength.

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